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Fox Valley Business Systems for All Your Construction and Remodeling Solutions
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Construction and Remodeling Solutions
Are you thinking you need to update the house a little bit to bring it into this century, but the hassle of deciding how to do it is just a little overwhelming? 


About time for some remodeling?

Some people just can't visualize how things are going to look when the remodeling is all done.  We totally understand that problem and that is what we are all about.  Sometimes the planning for new construction or remodeling requires asking a lot of hard questions like...
How long do you think we will live here?
Will this remodeling cost a lot of money?
Will we be able to recover our investment when we sell it?
Should I pay an Architect to develop plans for my new construction?
We have the answers to most of these questions and we will be glad to work with  

 Probably not a good idea.

you to help you get the results we know you want.
We've been in the business of construction and remodeling for a long time, so we know how to avoid some of the mistakes that result in bad investments.  We can help you get your construction  ideas down on paper and into visuals that will help identify bad ideas and good ideas before they happen.  Successful construction and remodeling is not an accident, it requires careful planning and we are here to see you through the whole experience.

 Okay, now that's a little better.

We've installed a lot of Hot Tubs so we know it is important to Service them properly. If you're having problems or just need your Hot Tub winterized, give us a call now.
We service most all of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.
Fox Valley Business Systems
We have three convenient Chicago Service locations in Round Lake, Schaumburg and Aurora Ilinois.
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Estimates for all Remodeling Services are Free and our In-Home Design Service is Free for all Kitchen Remodeling.

Need help designing a kitchen or a bathroom? We do a lot of installations but we also realize it makes good sense to have a good idea what your remodeling project is going to look like before you dive into construction. Use our Chief Architect software to design and illustrate your project before you lay out the hard earned cash. The time is well spent and the looks are free!

Take advantage of our architectural design software to make true to scale illustrations of how your new kitchen will look before you begin remodeling. The illustrations throughout our website are typical examples of what you can expect to see before you begin remodeling. Conditions and restrictions apply.

In Home Consultations

We provide in-home consultation where we can discuss your ideas, take scaled measurements, make scaled drawings and blueprints and we produce 3D photo realistic renderings. Does it get any better than that? This is the state of the art technology, take advantage of this opportunity now.

Not a Kitchen Designer yourself!  Take a look at our Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in the "Idea Room". We have plenty of Fresh Ideas for those people who could use a little inspiration.