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Jun 08
What About Pricing for Photography

​What  should you expect to pay for photography?  That's a very good question. 

​So we would like to offer some simple advice that you can use to solve this problem.  I did a quick search on the internet this same date to see what other folks were charging for photography to give you an idea what is going on.  I did a simple search for "Local Photographer" and found these two example ads.  I am sure these are very credible photographers, so I  wanted to point out that this is not an attempt to bash any other photographers pricing model.  But  ... Wow!

100_Wedding Photo3.jpg 

There were other photographers listed on the search results, but only these two photographers offered quick pricing on the initial search result.  Quick pricing is what we want, right?   The other photographers had pricing and terms buried in a long recitation in a web page which is very typical for this type of work.

I am assuming these two photographers and  the others not mentioned are offering similar wedding packages but at two VERY different prices.  So what's up with the pricing?

Pricing for photography really depends on "Your Budget" and what you want to do with "Your Budget".  Most photographers can do almost anything you want at prices starting at $2500.  But if you don't have that in your budget ......   well you get the idea.  So, there really is no "One Size Fits All" in pricing photography.

So we recommend you calling us and telling us what you want to do and tell us something about your budget  so we are all on the same page from the start.  After we know what it is you would like to see or what you would like to have done, we can give you a competitive price that you can use to compare to the other photographers.

Yes we have pricing that starts at $200 and yes our pricing does range all the way to the same $2500 like in the ads above.  So the real questions is "What do you want to do for your money"?

Give us a call at 847-997-3394 and let's get started talking!

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May 12
Photography by Charles

​Photography by Charles will be offering Special Graduation Photo shoot Packages for Students graduating in 2015.  Packages include Pricing as low as $100.00 for Studio Portraits.  Studio Photo shoots are approximately 30 - 60 minutes sessions where we take as many pictures as possible and We deliver all acceptable photos we shoot. Recommend a friend to us and receive up to 25% off your package price.  Terms and Conditions apply to each package.

Contact us and use the Promo Code "Graduates 2015" to receive your Promotional Price.

Nov 20
Updating our Website

We have been working feverishly  trying to update  our website with the latest information.  In the last year we have completely revamped the website to reflect a new business approach.  Take a few minutes to look  around and let us know what you think.


Apr 16
Welcome to our blog!

This is where we will be sharing our thoughts on topics that matter to our Customers. Who knows... We might even share pictures, videos and links to other interesting stuff.

If we catch your interest, let us hear from you.