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  1. Starting Price $50.00- $100.00
    In this first Example "We Can Only Dream" is a simple but Effective Video that is made from a Customers Photographs.  We took the Photographs so they are of the highest quality required for Video Production.  To make the Video more effective and appealing to a younger group of people we added a colorful video clip that is running in the background behind the slides that are playing in the foreground.  As long as the video is running on YouTube we can add just about any music we want as long as we are willing to identify the Copyright owner.  
    If you furnish the photographs we can make a 2-3 minute video for the above starting price with a maximum of one (1) hour labor.
    If we furnish or take the photographs the price will increase according to the time and materials invested in the photography requested.

  2. 2-3 Minute Advertisement Video $200.00- $300.00
    The second Video "Model A Ford" is about 2 minutes in length, and is made from a series of short video clips that we took for a customer that wanted to illustrate his Model A is fully functional.  We pieced the individual clips together and added voice over for the final production.  The work involved in a video like this is labor intensive, which includes the time and materials it takes to make the short clips and some final editing for the final production.  To make this video at our site with a maximum of one (1) hour shooting time, and a similar amount for editing we can produce the video for the price stated above.
    If we add voice over or music to a video like this, extra charges would apply.
    If we go to your location to shoot the video, extra charges would apply.

  3. 2-3 Minute Advertisement Video On Location
    The third video "To All the Girls" is another example of a 2-3 minute advertisement video that was taken on-site in a local store.  The same parameters apply as in Item 2 above.  This style , being on-site, is more labor intensive.  But you can see it would be simple enough to insert your product at your store, instead of these ladies trying on clothes.
    If we add voice over or music to a video like this, extra charges would apply.
    If we go to your location to shoot the video, extra charges would apply.

  4. 15 Minute Event Video  $800.00 - $1000.00
    The 4th video "Quincenera for Brisa" is a typical Wedding Video or Quincenera and is an on-site video capture that illustrates what could be a Wedding or a Quincenera.  The scene starts in the Church and ends up in the Banquet Hall.  We capture the moments that Distinguishes the important Life Event taking place.  You can witness the emotions of the Wedding and the Fun and Festivities at the Banquet Hall.
    This type of video is very labor intensive, because it requires being at the Church for the entire Wedding and then being at the Banquet Hall for most of the Fun and Festivities.  This particular event (Church and Reception) took 7 hours from beginning to end.  The final video is about 15 minutes long and it captures the highlights of the entire event focusing on those moments where folks involved were animated by the events unfolding.
    We can produce a video of an event like this for the stated price above, but as you can imagine these events are never exactly alike.  So we would have to discuss the events you have planned and determine what you are expecting as a final product to determine a final price structure.


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